Image of Joelle Fleurantin

My computer is my partner.

Our relationship has weathered the demands of high school, college, college again, and grad school. We've watched each other age, change shape, alter operating systems. We've both suffered massive failures and yet here we are, still together, more entwined than I thought was possible.

My Computer is my partner.

As a writer, I am inspired by our elastic and dynamic relationship. My current work explores this intimacy between bodies and screens, networks, and embedded systems. These devices create digital spaces that we pour ourselves into, augmenting not only our faculties but also identity. Within my work, I use software and hardware to investigate my presence within these digital spaces.

I am digital storyteller and researcher currently based on the Long Island Railroad. I have a Master's from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University where I researched how interactive technologies create and build narrative.

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