2015, Jan

Guiding Question:

How to extract weather data and reinterpret it as color? How to time the color changes in a way that is clear to the Viewer?


I had the pleasure of being asked to participate at Art Hack Day. Inspired by the theme, Deluge, and previous work from team member Kirill Shevyakov, my team created an celphalopod whose tentacles visualized the storm data of the previous week. I was responsible for porting previous Arduino code to the installation and merging the data to sync with the viewer's input.

About God of Blinky Infinity:
Based on Kirill Shevyakov's Kraken series, we have created the ones that will come after us and they are giant robotic squids that feed on data and pulse along with the pulsations of the waters of life in oceanic consciousness unfathomable to the human mind. Cthulhu is not alone, she has a baby, they swim together in silent seas of data, blinking in alluring and enticing dances of color. Reach out and touch her and throw sparks. We cannot comprehend what they perceive through their dimensionless sensors, but we can hope to catch a glimpse before we go. Pulsating with the ebbs and flows of lost radio transmissions meant to inform the long gone humans of the rumblings of the ocean, Cthulhu herself is the hidden beauty and ecstasy of the deep.
Cover image by David Huerta. Gif by me.


I used the FastLED library. Code available on my GitHub.


Arduino code, Installation, Testing, Support


Software, Physical prototyping, Storytelling


Arduino, C++

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