2014, Mar

Guiding Question:

How to manifest a character that is at once boundless and bounded by herself?


Threadbare is an transmedia story about a woman coming to terms with her identity and self. The story will be presented through the following forms:

an interactive installation

a web comic

a wireless area network

The Woman is of a web, but not The Web. She exists in a space that is at once boundless and bounded by herself. Viewers navigate this space by either tripping over invisible threads (the installation), clicking through pages (the comic), and/or entering a networked space (WLAN).


My goal was to investigate how the Viewer-User-Player's interaction with the installtion could mimic the narrative itself. I was determined to know if the movement could inform the VUP's understanding.


As the Viewer moves through the installation, he discovers the narrative unfolding visibly and invisibly, within and without. The Viewer's interaction mimics the The Woman's dialogue with herself; she fears intimacy yet as the viewer moves closer more of her story and self is revealed.

Threadbare is still in development and will be an ongoing networking project.


Writing, Filming, Editing, Software, Creative Technologist


Design thinking, storytelling, prototyping, writing, video editing


openFrameworks, OpenGL, Arduino, C++, Final Cut Pro, Madmapper, Syphon

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