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If we are all cyborgs now, how can an erotic device be an extension of the user and not a facsimilie of a person not present?


Despite the affordances that advances in digital technology has brought us, dominant culture's beliefs about women's ability acquire, sell, and perform sex remain regressive. The ubiquity of gonzo porn, the result of improving video streaming, has not opened up conversations about the relationship between technology and sex. Vibrators continue to be a stream of candy colored disembodied phalluses marketed to heterosexual couples. And why? The Erotic Haptic Device is a non-phallic non-penetrative biomimetic garment. It is designed to be used by a woman without any other outside actor. Because of this, the garment is intended to act an extension of the woman's body rather than a thing that penetrates.


The goal was to articulate the relationship between erotic devices and the performance of sexuality.

I am not proposing the Erotic Haptic Device as a solution, but as an investigation, a possible metonym for an erotic body; one that is perpetually becoming, never to be fully realized or satisfied or experience release.


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Modeler, Researcher, Creative Technologist


Design thinking, Research, Systems thinking, 3D Modeling and Scanning, Casting


Rhino, Maya, Kinect, Makerbot Replicator2, MeshLab, Dragonskin silicone mold

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