2013, Jun

Guiding Questions:

How can a coding beginner navigate tutorials to find best practices for languages? How can a beginner discover patterns in learning that can be applied to coding?


How did you learn [inset whatever it is you know best]? What did you first enjoy during your learning process? What did you struggle with at first? What do you still struggle with now?

How to Teach Yourself How to Code was a workshop held at ITP Camp 2013 and 2014. I have been teaching myself how to code for a few years now, and am always eager to share the insights gained. In this workshop, I share tips that have helped center me when tutorials are under- or overwhelming. These tips include how to search Stackoverflow, how to write pseudocode, and basic programming terms. I also introduce participants to Duck Duck Go, IRC and the IRC client, Colloquy.


My self-directed learning style has trained me to become a strong researcher. I want to keep presenting this workshop, refining it each time so that it provides solid resources on how to search through the FOSS ecosystem.


Researcher, Content, Workshop leader


Design thinking, Research, Storytelling, Teaching


Google Docs, Presentation

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