Guiding Questions:

The significant focus for my Mozilla Community Building Team internship centered around these two questions: Who is using the Mozilla Wiki? and How are they using it?


Who is/are the Mozilla Wiki audience(s)? What are best practices for contributing to and maintaining the WikiMo? How can contributor and style-guidelines attract and support a diversity of contributors?

In order to move forward on significant changes to the Mozilla Wiki or WikiMo, the Wiki Working Group needed to learn more about WikiMo users. Those questions of clarity drove my user research and guided the survey I co-wrote.


The Mozilla Wiki User Survey was a success, receiving more than the average daily site visitors. While most responses supported the WWG's initiatives, I was surprised to see that most visitors identify as Mozilla Users and not Contributors. I was in charge of analyzing and presenting the results. I formally presented the results of the research to Mozilla.

Three user personas emerged from my analysis:

  • Users without an account and have never contributed.

  • Volunteer Contributors with an account who visit Weekly and contribute Monthly.

  • Paid Contributors with an account who visit Daily and contribute Weekly.

The presentation is below.


Researcher, Contributor, User personas


User research, Survey design, Product management


Mediawiki, SurveyGizmo, Etherpad, Hackpad

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