2024, May

Guiding Question:

If we are all cyborgs now, how can an erotic device be an extension of the user and not a facsimilie of a person not present?


I am building a body from two parts, a suit and the wearer. The Suit erotically stimulates while the Wearer’s flesh activates the Suit's embodied narrative, enabling Wearer to become an extension of the Suit, the Suit an extension of the Wearer.


The goal was to articulate the relationship between erotic devices and the performance of sexuality.


Patchworked Venus explores how computing has given birth to a new form of sexual intimacy. One that does not objectify human parts, but takes flesh as material to augment and multiply desired abilities, faculties in the same vein as wearable trends. Yet what then becomes of this augmented wearer, specifically when her body is not raceless like those present in dominant representations of the enhanced human, the cyborg?

My process was started with the research I completed with Erotic Haptic Device. I then experimented with materials and objects before finding the first paper on erogenous zones.

More documentation is available at PatchworkedVen.us


Researcher, Designer, Creative Technologist


Design thinking, Research, Systems thinking, Garment pattern, Circuit design


Rhino, Maya, Eagle CAD, Othermill, Adafruit Flora, C++, sewing

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