2015, Oct

Guiding Question:

How do you create a digital system to remember an event or specific memory?


Traces is a project on memory and the personal implications of archive.          


To create a mobile documentation system to help a person remember an event and give them the choice to actively modify the memory through documentation.


Still in early development, Traces currently exists in two parts. The first: I have installed an instance of Mediawiki to document memory and recalling of my time in New Haven, CT. The second: a mobile login interface that will enable quick upload of images, and identifying of cities and routes using a map plugin.
The next step in development is to embed maps with markers of the locations frequented.

Link to the first prototype: Memory System.
Link to mobile code still in development: Traces.


UX Designer, User researcher, Full stack engineer


UX Design, User research, Design thinking, Full stack development


Proto.io, Mediawiki, jQuery, Django, PHP, Python, JavaScript

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